GRIPMANN robots are 3-axis (X, Z and R) manipulating industrial robots developed especially for loading and unloading palettes in machine-tools and storing them in warehouses.


The range offers different load capacities, being 50, 150, 300 and 500 kilos. All brands of palette are compatible. Compatibility with palette dimensions depends on the model selected.


Click on the icons below to view the robots in action.



When analysing a solution for the automation of machine loading/unloading, the Gripmann robot is preferred over the 6-axis robots for a number of reasons:


Limited obstruction of the robot for a higher load capacity


Simplicity of the robot: 3 axes (up & down + horizontal telescope + rotation)


Access to machining post within the machine-tool


Standard storage warehouse accessible at all levels


Standard maintenance: motor, guides etc.


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Please contact us on +32 (0)71 49 03 21 or by email so that we can provide further details on the Gripmann range of robots.


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