Deburring machines

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machines d'ebavurage

Manufacturing processes involving deburring or moulding very often require the machined item to be deburred, for quality, precision, safety or aesthetic reasons. It is not possible for a PVC electrical cabinet manufacturer leave the burr resulting from thermoforming, just as a parts manufacturer in aeronautics leave a burr in a bore, despite precisions in machining.


Our automated deburring machine is the only one of its kind to meet the following requirements:


Different types of part: The machine is equipped with an RFID reader: the robot therefore recognised the part that it has to treat. The automatic exchange on the grip system then serves in dealing with various types of part present on the warehouse trays.


Different types of tool: The use of a turret is a concept allowing us to offer a compact machine with a large number of tools. For operations requiring higher speeds, additional spindles can be installed without obstructing the machine.


Small, medium or mass production of parts: Depending on the time needed for deburring, the machine can take different rates to meet the needs of mass production.


0.01 mm accuracy: The use of a programmable, electromechanical sensory interface serves in obtaining accuracy down to one hundredth of a millimetre even with the use of a robot.


Performance - Return on Investment: Example of improvement in performances and cost cutting for one of our customers


Number of parts

ground per year

Annual cost 2 pauses 5/7
107.520,00 €
13.440,00 €












Compactness – Limited obstruction


Flexibility, Adaptability and scaleability of the environment. For example:

- Different types of warehouse can be offered.

- A 24 tools turret or a second turret can be considered.

- Parts available in different dimensions.


Easy to programme: Easy interface allows parameter programming.


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