We systematically adopt a methodology for conducting our projects. Without giving it away, we can sum up the broad lines in a logical series of steps that are essential to guaranteeing success. Each of these steps is taken in conjunction with the customer.



Request and/or analysis of a problem described is/are taken into account



Reformulation (e.g. technical specifications) of the request or problem described and acceptance by the customer of the interpretation made and the customer’s expectations.


Preliminary analysis

Analysis of one or more solutions, budget estimates and ROI



Approval with the customer of the proposed solution(s) and that expectations have been met. Budget to be set; draft schedule, ROI guarantee and customer undertaking.


Proof Of Concept (optional)

Where necessary, a P.O.C is developed to dispel potential uncertainty on certain crucial points.



Analyses, design, manufacture, etc.


Installation and testing in our workshops


Installation and testing on the customer’s premises


Production launch


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