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123 Automation E&D – Mission Statement and Activities

123 Automation E&D is a company specialising in the analysis, design, development, integration and maintenance of automated solutions aimed at improving productivity in any manufacturing process. With ten years’ experience and more than thirty success stories, the fields of expertise at 123 Automation E&D are:


Automation of loading and unloading machines (CNC machines etc.)

Automation of deburring operations

Automated measure robotcell

Safety of automated environments

Deburring machine

Analysis and development of a high-precision automated deburring solution.

Machine integration

Integration of CNC machines into an automated manufacturing line.

Automated unit

Loading/unloading of a machine.


123 Automation Safety

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Our services

123 Automation E&D services are not limited to the design and creation of automated solutions.

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Specific creations

It is well understood that our automation expertise allows us to approach projects other than

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